This was truly an eye-opening experience!
I thought I was very aware of my belief systems and how I contributed to the desired results in my life.
This workshop uncovered many blind spots and brought me to a deeper awareness of universal laws and principles at work in my life.
I gained invaluable insights and perspectives. The most wonderful thing is, people I love and share my life with are benefiting from the teachings of Elizabeth.
I trust you will walk away as I did feeling more self-aware and empowered to transcend your fears and move toward the wondrous life you deserve!
Thank you, Elizabeth! It was a safe, beautiful and heartfelt environment that you created.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their spiritual understanding to a higher level.
Melissa Parente-Cowling



Business Success Graduates Testimonials

I know that when you use spirituality in business magic happens; I had seen it in action so I knew firsthand that it worked, because when you are in ‘flow’ doors open, connections are made and everything is easy and effortless. I wasn’t sure if there was a hierarchy and whom in the spiritual realm do I ask for assistance? Who are all the Masters and what do they do? How do I meditate? I had so many questions.

So I asked the universe for a teacher who could teach me (in a way that I could understand) how the principles of the universe work.

Shortly after that I attended a networking event and met Elizabeth.
I asked her what she did and when she said she ran spiritual workshops I knew that the teacher had arrived. I had a reading with Elizabeth and as a result of that meeting I was offered a place on the ISIS pilot program.

The ISIS program has exceeded my expectations, not only did Elizabeth answer my questions on the spiritual realm, and how spirituality enhances our business, she also focused on business start up issues that most businesses face like a business plan and getting your finances under control. These were things I was getting around to, but sadly after 3 years hadn’t gotten around to.

I now have a functioning business plan and actually understand my target market, my finances and for this I am truly grateful.

Thank you Elizabeth.

Vicki Williams
Rovick Productions

Dearest Elizabeth,

I firstly would like to thank you and Isis Vision Institute the past six months have been amazing your course has given me a true insight to making my business a success and staying focused. I always just thought that running a business was theory, practice and hard work but you have shown me the spirituality plays a big role to the daily running of my business.

I am truly blessed and humbled to have been one of your pilot program students. Isis Vision Institute is a unique course that I have never encountered. I always look forward to our one on one mentoring sessions. Elizabeth Conway you are a master in many fields and with all your guidance and mentoring I could not have released my 1st issue without your support.

God has blessed you in many ways and now you help those starting in business or have lost their way to gain success in what they do best. You have opened many doors for me that I thought never existed.

Thank -you and all the best.

Kind Regards

Emma Magoulias

The ISIS course has not only transformed my business but transformed me as the business owner.

I realised that most of my fears I had to do with my business weren’t even true fears and once I could release them I felt anything was possible. Setting goals also seemed a scary task… where did I want my business to go?
With the help of the course I now have 6 month, 1 year and 5 year goals which I feel confident and excited about.

I would highly recommend this course to small business owners who are feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about areas of their business like finances and marketing etc. Not only do you work on the business but on yourself too, if you’re not in a strong, positive place your business will suffer.

The content we covered within the course has been delivered so that I can identify with the subject and put things in place within my business quickly. To think I’d been running my business for over a year without a business plan seems ridiculous and I’m thankful I now have a roadmap for my business and I will continue to alter it along the way.

The other thing I have enjoyed is the women that I have met in the class and the relationships we’ve built. I’ve enjoyed listening to their goals and seeing their business transform also.

Thank you to Elizabeth for running such a wonderful course. You are complete joy to work with; I always come away feeling motivated and inspired after each class or session.

Laura Green
Business Owner