Self Mastery, Courses, Workshops and Seminars


The FET Program

This is a 3  part program revealing the workings of the human self for better understanding of the why and how we respond to life and our life experiences.

You will journey from self doubt and fear towards Self Love and Self Mastery, enhancing your life journey.

Each module delivers valuable knowledge empowering you for a more joy filled human experience.

  1. Moving Past Fear
  2. Moving Beyond Ego
  3. Moving Towards Truth

The FET Program is one of the most successful at ISIS Vision Institute delivering brilliant results for all who have attended.


Other workshops are also part of the Self Mastery programs offered at the institute.

  • Self Mastery through Mind Power
  • Self Mastery through Self Love


Each of these workshops gives an alternative perspective from the norm for Self  Mastery.

Enjoy a happy life through self confidence, self acceptance and self love.

Leave the past behind and anticipate a joy filled future.

To embrace each moment of your life with peace, joy and happiness is the ultimate outcome of these courses.