Ancient Wisdom and Alchemy, Courses, Workshops and Seminars

  • Angel Workshops
    In this workshop you will discover all within the angelic realm. Covered in this workshop is:- understanding what angels are, what their work entails, angel hierarchy, angel names, how they help us and how we can ask for their help.


  • Chakra Workshop – Part 1
    This workshop covers a basic and general understanding of Chakras: – what chakra’s are and where they are situated in the body, what are the influences of each chakra and how they impact on your health and well being.


  • Chakra Workshop – Part 2
    This workshop follows on from the first, enhancing the understandings and learning of the chakras and how to use that knowledge and understanding to stimulate and maintain your body’s well being.


  • Crystal Workshop
    An introduction to the semi precious world of crystals.
    As there are many crystals this workshop will focus on the more commonly used and available crystals, their attributes and their healing qualities. You will also learn how to cleanse crystals and how to meditate on and dedicate your crystals


  • Aura and Energy Workshop
    In this workshop you will discover that all is energy. And how that impacts your life and spiritual understanding as opposed to human/science understanding. You will discover how it is possible to see auras and what they are. You will learn how to keep a healthy aura and why that is important. Just another step along the spiritual journey.


  • Psychic Development
    Over a series of courses you will learn about Psychic intuition, skills and tools.
    Your will learn about Psychic Protection and the need for it in this work.
    Your will practice various Psychic modalities enhancing your own.
    And you will learn how it can positively enhance your life.