About Us

About ISISVIedu

The Institute’s Core Course Programs include-A Course in The Universal Laws and Principles for Business Success, A Course in Miracles, training for understanding, Reiki Master Teacher training and The Spiritual Teacher Diploma course training. The Institute also offers a number of short course programs in Business, Self Mastery and Psychic Intuitive Development. The essence of all the courses are steeped in Spirituality and based in Metaphysics to reveal the Miracle of Who You Truly Are.

The True Essence of Who You Are enhances the essence of your life, personally and professionally, powering you to Be More than you believed possible. Your business and purpose is to know The True Essence of You. Who do your choose to be, personally and professionally? You are often so busy running your life/career/business that you have no time to yourself or for yourself.

Make time to learn and grow for you will reap the rewards, both personally and professionally.

ISIS Vision Institute is committed to serving each student’s individual needs in reconnecting and awakening within- their True Essence, their True Power Source.