The Garden of Our Minds.

In my part of the world, Australia, it is Spring. This year for the first time I really felt I had been hibernating over winter.

As the first day of Spring arrived so did the beautiful warm weather. Mother Nature seemed to know that I need awakening.

So out into the garden I went. I always feel connected to everything, nature, humankind and myself most when I am gardening.

There is something very therapeutic, at least for me, working with the soil, the plants, breathing in the fresh air, hearing and seeing the birds around me and having the sun warm my very soul. Often as I go about my daily chores I mediate, no more is that apparent then when I am in the garden, gardening. My soul seems at one with the Universe, more powerfully, when outdoors. So it doesn’t surprise me when inspiration and insight met while I was gardening recently.

Gardening and the Mind Collide

Springtime is often a time for clearing out and in the garden the weeds needed clearing. So on a warm and sunny Spring morning I could think of nothing my lovely than to be outside weeding, yes weeding. Clearing and making way for my plants and flowers to flourish and not be taken over by weeds. While on my knees pulling out the weeds I thought of The Garden of Our Minds.

Winter in our Minds is not necessarily seasonal. It can last for a very long time. Yet the Season of Spring for all of us, mentally, does arrive. When that time comes we become aware of the weeds that are there that can strangle the healthy plants growing within. What are these weeds of our minds if not the fears, worries, stresses and negative thoughts that often permeate the human mind. Yet within there are wonderful thoughts just waiting and wanting to take strong hold within our minds, to grow and bloom giving us a wonderful display of dreams and visions for us to create into our own reality. These thoughts are filled with love, encouragement, possibilities and positivity.

Realization and Revitalization

How often do we Spring Clean our minds? How often do we take the time to weed out those thoughts that strangle and suffocate out our hopes and dreams?

Most of us don’t even realize that it is possible to clear and cleanse our minds of negative thoughts. Rather we consider ourselves wrong and bad giving those thought the ‘fertilizer’ to grow even more healthy and strong.

What would it mean for you to be giving the fertile mind of positive thought more nourishment? It is just as easy to feed on type of plant to grow healthily than another. It is just as easy to feed your positive thoughts as it is to focus on your negative thoughts. Which will yield you the harvest of your dreams? Which will power your successes? Which will manifest your visions of joy?

What will make you happy?

Choose, for you are free to do so. Then plant The Garden of Your Mind with the seeds of the harvest you wish to yield.

Love instead of fear, Dreams fulfilled instead of doubt, Peace and Joy instead of dis/ease and dis/stress, Happiness instead of sadness and angst, Fulfilment instead of emptiness.

May your garden bloom in the fullness of time with beautiful mind plants and flowers that bring you abundance of harvest, a joy to behold and wonder filled heart.

With Love and Blessings Elizabeth ISIS Conway