Life is a Journey, a Process.

This Journey We Call Life.

As in any long journey we usually have a map to follow, to get us to our destination. We choose the road we are going to travel. We pack our bags full of hope for a safe journey. We are filled with excitement and anticipation for the fun that we intend to have along the way.

However, along the way we may decide to take a detour- for various reasons. The view in another direction seems to look interesting. Or we just get tired with being on the same highway we are on.

At some point/s throughout our journey we may decide to stop and take a rest.

At another we may forget to refer to our map and get lost. Or we had read the map incorrectly and had gotten lost.

In those moments we may need to ask for directions and get help from a guide. perhaps, get a reading or help in interpreting our map to see where or how we got off our track along our journey.

Our life’s journey is much the same as any journey. We have our own map that we need to follow to reach the destination we seek. We can get diverted from our path and sometimes even get lost. These are the times we may need help and guidance to get back on track and continue the journey we have chosen to be on.

I am blessed and honoured have help guide others back to the path that leads them to their destination.

Through my wellness business Awaken Within and my metaphysics school ISIS Vision Institute I facilitate each client and student’s reconnection with Spirit and their Power Within.

I am Elizabeth (ISIS) Conway.