ISIS Vision Institute provides high quality educational courses offering metaphysical and physical information and knowledge.

Each course includes tools and strategies, in a unique individualized learning environment, enhancing and supporting each student’s desire for personal, professional and spiritual growth.

The best education provider of information and knowledge in the areas of metaphysics and life skills within a unique individualized learning structured for those wishing to navigate successfully their personal, professional and spiritual journey.

IVI students are entrepreneurs in their personal and professional lives.

ISIS offers the following:


A Course in the Universal Laws and Principles for Business Success.

Create the business success of your dreams using Universal Laws like the Law of Attraction and more.
There are key principles to success and those who are successful know these concepts

  • If you are passionate about your business concept or idea
  • If you are passionate to be successful in your business, yet somehow that success has not become a reality.


This certificate is a 6 month study course including once a month tutorials with weekly individual contact time.

The course includes teachings in spiritual work and sound business practices

These two units are:

Each monthly tutorial focuses on a specific Spiritual and Business concept. This 6 month course is designed to be individualized in such a way that each student is personally and individually mentored throughout the 6 month course.

If all the requirements are met

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Our Short Courses


These are a series of short courses covering, understanding the realm/s of spirituality, spiritual language and concepts, spiritual practices and spirituality as a source of inspiration for our personal Self and within our lives.

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Self Mastery

Within each of us is the answers for our Self. However our human self, the Ego, often hinders creating barriers and blocks in the form of Fears that keep us from accessing the POWER Within.
Each short course within this series is created especially to break through your barriers to the beautiful, unique creation that your Self Is.

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Ancient Wisdom and Alchemy

Centuries old folk lore and wisdom is available to us, supporting our life journey through the knowledge of the ancients.

Learning alternative therapies, insights and intuition developing it deeper within the student’s natural abilities through physic development and healing are a key part of the course programs.

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Small Business

Success in business is an important addition to the training program at ISIS Vision Institute. It is offer primarily to support the alternative therapist and the spiritual worker for their human success journey. Without the human success experience the message of Spirit and the knowledge of the value of alternative treatments will not be heard or given credibility.

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Our Services

At ISIS Vision Institute we provide an extensive range of services for your well being through our wellness centre, Awaken Within.

Our Services include:

  • Spiritual Guidance/Counseling
  • Well-being and Health Maintenance
  • Personal Development
  • Reiki Healing
  • Counseling
  • Angel Therapy
  • Tarot Readings
  • Business Success Planning  & Business Mentorship

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Treatments and Services are conducted by Dr. Elizabeth Conway, a fully qualified and experienced Metaphysics Practitioner, Reiki Master, Counselor, Angel Therapy Practitioner ® and Psychic Medium who will help you in your quest for wellness and self empowerment.